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A moment at HIBICHA turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.

Started in 2020, HIBICHA café has been the place where we offer the best moment of the day in which you can feel like having a cup of your daily tea with tranquillity in the city park. Whether coming to visit us or just ordering HIBICHA delivery to you, an ordinary day will turn into an extraordinary day. 


We design a drink to be enjoyed depending on your mood of the day. Rough and weary day? Try “Wake me up Mojito”. Sleepy and bored? Try “Sangria Tea with Coffee” or just simply need a drink, try our “Americano Yuzu”, your day will be quite an amazing day.


Come and stop by, grab & go or simply order our delivery, you will have a good day!

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In the big cities like New York or Tokyo there’s always a big park, New York with Central Park and Tokyo with Hibiya Park. Perhaps, the park is the only place in the city where life reveals itself to its best.  You know that Autumn arrives when leaves turn yellowish and Spring always comes with blooms. A pause in the park is like a reward to all city livings.
Sitting in the park while sipping your favorite drink, feeling the fresh air and cool breeze touching your face, let the mind wander. 
At Prachachuen neighborhood, we offer enriching moments at HIBI•CHA through our food and drinks services.  HIBI•CHA means Daily Tea in Japanese. We design our services just like when you are having your tea time, taking a break, reviving. 
Our Café has been happily serving you with the best blend coffee, tea, bakery, and our home recipes. We believe that every little enriching moment will turn ordinary into an extraordinary. At HIBI•CHA, every day is a good day (:

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